Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a prosthetic tooth placed over a natural tooth (or dental implant), to restore a broken down or heavily filled tooth, to correct tooth mal-alignment and tooth discolouration, or to provide protection for a cracked or Root Canal treated tooth.

Crowns may be fabricated from traditional materials like metal alloy (for durability), porcelain (for aesthetics) or metal coated with porcelain (durability and aesthetics). The latest crown material is Zirconia, also called Zirconium, which is both strong and aesthetic. Zirconia may be used by itself for crowns or coated with porcelain for greater aesthetics.

Before the crowning procedure, the Dental Surgeon discusses the design and shade of the crown with the patient. An x-ray and clinical examination are done to ascertain the suitability of the tooth for crowning. Local anaesthetic is administered where necessary. The tooth is trimmed slightly to a specific dimension and an impressions of the tooth and opposing jaw are taken. A resin or plastic crown is cemented onto the tooth temporarily while the definitive crown is fabricated by a skilled lab technician. The definitive crown is cemented at the second visit after the aesthetics and fit are checked.

A bridge consists of two or more crowns supported by natural teeth (or dental implants) and carrying prosthetic teeth in between. It is one of the techniques available to replace missing teeth and removable dentures. Bridges can be made of the same materials as crowns.

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